Innovation is an imperative for success in the 21st century. The force of creative change is transforming the worlds of what is possible and what is wanted. Both possibilities and opportunities are necessary for innovative action and together they must be harnessed to create value.

There are many approaches to innovation that focus on improving creativity, harnessing technology, generating ideas and identifying needs. Most of these approaches are frustratingly slow, fraught with failure and in the end might deliver only incremental innovation. Even when you create potentially breakthrough ideas, you are unsure of which ideas to back, how to translate them into world class products & solutions and how rapidly they will be adopted by customers.

Our approach

Discover new opportunities

Explore new domains and uncover the most significant opportunities from among the hundreds that are discovered by looking for unmet needs and desires.

Create new solution concepts and predict adoption

Generate dozens of new solution concepts based on insight into the mind of the customer. Know what solutions will be compelling and predict the response when they are introduced. Go beyond market research and voice of the customer to truly know the motivations of the types of customers who will adopt your new offerings.